Tannewitz Vertical Band Saw

Manufacturer: Tannewitz
Serial Number: 96122
Model: TR2014W
Year: 1996
Stock Number: 18074

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Machine Specs

Tannewitz Vertical Band Saw

Throat Depth: 20″
Work Height: 14″
Blade Width: 3/4″
Blade Speed: 82-1590 Ft/Min
Table Size: 27″ L-R x 29″ F-B
Table Tilt: 15 Degrees
Table Height: 39-3/8″

Equipped With:
4 Speed Transmission – Variable Speed
Blade Welder/Grinder/Shear
Table Guide
Air Blow Off
Work Light
Motor: 2 HP 220V 3Ph

Overall Size, Approximate: 48″ L-R x 29″ F-B x 80″ H
Weight, Approximate: 1,350 Lbs.

Additional information

Brand Information: Tannewitz, Inc

Tannewitz Inc’s is an Original Equipment Manufacturer located in Jenison, Michigan.
The Tannewitz name dates back to 1892 and is still in business today, providing service
and support of existing products, and development and sales of new products. The
company strives for excellence in manufacturing by providing saws engineered for the
most diverse applications in the industry. Tannewitz operates out of a 75,000 square
foot facility. ​Though best known for their bandsaws, Tannewitz also made disk sanders and table saws; all their machines are industrial sized.

Machine Information: Vertical Band Saws

A Vertical Band Saw is a sub category type of Saw. It is equipped with a continuous band used for a blade placed in a vertical plane through which the material to be cut is passed. This type saw is more conducive for cutting shapes and angles. Vertical Band Saws are commonly equipped with an air blower or coolant system to clean the blade and sawing area while the machine is in operation. Additionally, it is common for a Vertical band saw to be equipped with a blade welder allowing the user to re-weld the band flexibility in blade repair and replacement. This type saw is sometimes referred to as a contour saw. Vertical Band Saws have been conventionally used in metalworking and woodworking industries but can also be used to cut other materials.

Model Information: Tannewitz TR2014W

The Tannewitz TR Series Vertical Band Saw is built for the tough jobs. Features of this model Vertical Band Saw include: Infinitely variable speed; Blade welder and grinder are front mounted for quick, accurate blade repair & installation; Replaceable rubber tires; Brush for cleaning lower drive wheel; Maintenance-free air pump provides air to remove chips from the point of cut; Hand wheel controlled speeds; Adjustable saw blade guides; Machine work light; Cast iron frame to minimize machine vibration and insure accuracy. All models are available with or without a welder.

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