LXN Coil and Sheet Fed Laser Cutting


LXN vision – Dalcos LXN range includes in-line, automatic ber laser cutting systems that are flexible and easy to use. LXN machines embody all the technological expertise of Dalcos, guaranteeing high-speed cutting and energy efficiency as well as constant precision thanks to the high-resolution vision system.

The exclusive LXN system offers unprecedented production exibility with the freedom to process either coils or standard size sheets.
LXN lines can be set up according to the characteristics of the materials to be machined and may also incorporate customized unloading systems.


LXN machines are currently used in a great number of sectors, such as:

• OEM productions
• metal furniture
• shelving
• lighting fixtures
• road signs and signals
• air conditioning
• automotive
• reinforced and fire doors
• refrigerators
• household electrical appliances
• industrial kitchens
• job shops

Maximum freedom of production

LXN laser cutting systems, conceived and designed to meet the demands of the constantly evolving manufacturing industry, are highly versatile, easy-to-use machines that can cut coils and sheets up to 14 meters in length.

All LXN machines are fitted with the exclusive Dalcos vision system, which establishes the exact position of the coil edge and of the machined holes to ensure maximum cutting precision. This technology makes the system suitable for many more applications compared to traditional systems: e.g. the production of parts that have exactly the same width as the coil resulting in 100% usage of the material, or the possibility of using raw, untrimmed coils. In fact lateral guides are unnecessary because the process is continually reset in alignment with the ready-made holes. LXN is available in two sizes: up to 1000 and 1550mm in width and virtually in nite length.