Purchasing and Disposition

Pearl Equipment Company is always looking for good, used machinery to purchase. We also liquidate surplus industrial assets.

How we buy

Pearl is a cash buyer of used equipment from the open market on a daily basis. Whether you have a single piece of equipment, a manufacturing line, or an entire plant, Pearl is a buyer! Drop us a line to have a privileged conversation about the best way to dispose of your unproductive/surplus assets. We will tailor a plan that maximizes your recovery values, such as online sale, orderly liquidation, private treaty sale, timed bid offerings, and auction services.

If you so choose, customers can trade in equipment toward the purchase of machinery held by Pearl. Trade-ins can significantly lower the purchase price and eliminate the need to resell on the open market. Please click below to advise us of any available machinery.

Auction Liquidation

Auctioned liquidation methods are called for when immediate liquidation and removal are required. Auction is the quickest and surest method to liquidate; it does not guarantee the high returns on investment.

The team at Pearl Equipment have over 100 years of experience in the metalworking machinery market. We are experts at the valuation of capital equipment. Pearl tracks the daily buying and selling of assets in the market place and maintains a library of past equipment transactions to base our valuation methods. Different situations call for different evaluation methods.

We provide our valuation and appraisal services based on the customer’s specific need. Contact a member of our appraisal team to discuss your specific need.

Tell us about any surplus machinery or industrial assets you might have by filling out the form on this page.

Private Treaty Sale

Private Treaty Sale is typically used for disposition of assets that have a very specific use. Buyers for these type assets may be very specialized, and limited across the market. Identifying and understanding key prospects is vital to negotiation in private treaty sales.

Online Sales and Timed Auctions

Online bidding is one of the most popular tools for asset disposition today. The online platform provides instant access to thousands of potential buyers across the web. It also allows marketing for strategic advertising to buyers.

Orderly Liquidation

Orderly liquidation allows the seller time to strategically find a buyer, and display the assets under power. Showing equipment in a plant, under power, allows potential buyers to better evaluate the asset. This method typically maximizes an asset recovery value.

Sell Your Machinery and Equipment

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