EXLN Coil Fed Laser and Punch Combo

ELXN combo – Dalcos ELXN combo is the rst system in the world to combine the exibility of in-line laser cutting with the ef ciency of coil-fed punching and also double the output thanks to the special con guration with separate modules.

As always with in-line production, Dalcos ELXN combo optimizes the material up to 100% while the simultaneous action of the punching machine and laser cutter makes for a higher thru-put than all the traditional systems.

In line with basic LEAN PRODUCTION principles, Dalcos combo system keeps setup times to a minimum while efficiency, productivity and exibility are kept to a maximum.



By separating the punching and the laser cutting areas, ELXN output is twice that of the main traditional sheet-fed combined punching and cutting systems.

In fact the laser and the punch operate simultaneously on two different portions of the sheet: thanks to the patented Dalcos vision system, LXN identifies the exact position of the holes punched previously by the EXN machine and the laser cutting is guided by these holes.



The new production system, Dalcos ELXN, combines in the same line the EXN punching system and the LXN in-line laser cutter, thereby also combining the advantages each system offers to obtain more than double the output.
Dalcos ELXN combo processes coils from 200mm up to 1500mm wide with thickness that varies from 0.6 up to 4mm.

Like LXN, also the combo system has the exclusive Dalcos ACX vision system, which identi es the exact position of the holes punched previously by the punching machine so that the laser cutting is extremely precise.The electric punching machine uses up to 48 standard thick turret tools with 20 tons of power for each tool so that machining processes such as embossing, multiple holes and punching can be carried out.

ELXN combo system may be equipped with customized unloading systems.