EXN Coil Fed Servo Electric Punching System

EXN – This is the range of powerful and energy efficient punching machines fitted with Dalcos® Select servo-electric actuators. EXN systems offer greatly reduced energy consumption, while the ARC tool post arches make it possible to change the turret configuration and adapt the machine to different and evolving production requirements.

Maximum production efficiency is always ensured by in-line machining, which achieves up to 100% optimization of the material.


EXN machines are successfully used in many industrial sectors, such as:

•OEM productions
•frames for reinforced and fire doors
•emergency/security doors
•lighting fixtures
•products for light metalwork
•filter frames
•large panels
•switchgear panels
•agricultural products
•metal furniture
•electrical cabinets
•air treatment products
•mail boxes
•road signs and signals


Power and efficiency

The Dalcos Select® servo-electric actuator fitted on EXN range can reach up to 200 strokes a minute when nibbling and enables a force of 20 tons to be obtained on all the tools with resulting high performance, while featuring very low noise operation and minimum electric demand. This innovative technology optimizes operating and maintenance costs, making the Dalcos EXN up to 80% more efficient. A feature of this environmentally friendly technology is that the system contains no oil to be disposed of, thereby considerably reducing the environ- mental impact.

The EXN range offers various size machines to process materials between 50 and 1000mm in width with thickness from 0.3 to 4mm. EXN machines can also be customized with in-line servo-electric presses, which develop a force of 60 tons and can reach up to 150 strokes a minute.