PXN Coil Fed Hydraulic Punching


PXN – Dalcos has been manufacturing PXN punching machines with hydraulically operated heads since 1988.These are currently the simplest and most popular Dalcos machines.

Like all Dalcos systems, the PXN are extremely productive machines thanks to the very simple and effective operating system: with continuous in-line processing the material is optimized up to 100% and output is faster than with any traditional sheet-fed system. The PXN can be fully customized to process materials of different width and thickness, with a wide choice of tool configuration and the possibility of integrating in-line presses to maximize output.


PXN machines are used in many sheet metal processing sectors:

•frames for reinforced and fire doors
•emergency/security doors
•lighting fixtures
•products for light metalwork
•filter frames
•large panels
•switchgear panels
•agricultural products
•metal furniture
• shelving
•electrical cabinets
•air treatment products
•mail boxes
•road signs and signals

Tailor-made performance

The Dalcos PXN hydraulically operated punching machines are available in various con gu- rations, depending on the type of material and production.

These lines can process materials from 20 up to 1500mm in width with thickness from 0.3 up to 4mm.Tool configuration can be fully customized in terms of number and size of available tools with Dalcos ARC moving tool post arches.

Dalcos G-TOOLS rotary tools may also be included in the set-up for even greater machine exibility. In-line hydraulic presses may be inserted after the moving tools for moun- ting special or multiple machining tools and thereby obtain very high production rates. Lastly, the integrated cutter cuts off the product and delivers it to a customized unloading system.