Roundo Hydraulic 3-Roll Plate Roll

Manufacturer: Roundo
Serial Number: OD-2574
Year: 1981
Model: PS-205/12
Category: Bending Rolls
Stock Number: 87332
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Machine Specs

Used Roundo Hydraulic 3-Roll Plate Roll

Maximum Length: 12′
Maximum Bending Length: 1/4″

Equipped With:
8″ Diameter Top Roll

Electrical: 440V 3Ph

Additional information

Brand Information: Lown

Lown is a trade name for certain machines and equipment (in this case “The Lown Plate Bending Machine” or plate rolls, or slip roll) made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer San Angelo Foundry and Machine Co. The Lown Plate Rolls were built in San Angelo, Texas.

Machine Information: Plate Bending Rolls

A Plate Bending Roll is a type of machine that forms a sheet of metal into a cylindrical or cone shape by passing the sheet through rollers. These machine can be mechanically or hydraulically driven. There are multiple variations in type of plate bending rolls, including: Initial Pinch; Double Initial Pinch; Pyramid Rolls; Etc.

Model Information: Lown B-600 Slip Roll Forming and Plate Bending Machine

The Model B-600 Plate Roll Series consisted of 6 different capacity machines, all with a 6” diameter top roll. The plate bending machine is initial pinch type bending rolls, with all three rolls driven through the LOWN SWING LINK gearing. The swing link assures proper mesh of gears regardless of upward or downward adjustment to the bottom roll. Optional features for these plate rolls include POWERED ADJUSTMENT for the rear roll (saving time when making adjustment to the rolled diameter;) AIR OPERATED DROP ARM for easy opening and closing, and CONE ROLLING ATTACHMENT. POWER ADJUSTMENT on the rear roll includes a 2 HP motor and clutch for off-parallel settings. The gearing on a Lown Plate Bending Machine is motor driven by a completely enclosed v-belt drive and spur gear type reduction unit. All LOWN plate rolls are made from tough high carbon C-1040 steel, and then precisioned machined.

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