Accurshear 10′ x 1/4″ Hydraulic Shear

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Manufacturer: Accurshear
Model: 625010
Category: Hydraulic Shear
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Machine Specs

Used Accurshear 10′ x 1/4″ Hydraulic Shear

Capacity, Mild Steel: 1/4″
Cutting Length: 10″

Equipped With:
Front Operated Power Driven Back Gauge (36″)
Digital Back Gauge Readout
Squaring Arm 24″
Foot Switch
Electrics: 230/460 V 3Ph (Currently Wired 480)
Hydraulic Motor: 20 HP

Overall Size, Approximately: 150″ (L-R) x 91″ (F-B) x 76″ (Tall)
Weight, Approximately: 17,000 Lbs.

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Additional information

Pacific Press Technologies G-Series Factory Commentary:

Beginning with the introduction of the industry’s first hydraulic plate shear in 1953, Pacific Shears have been leaders in hydraulic plate shear technology. Over the years continuous innovations and product development have maintained Pacific’s world-wide recognition for ruggedness, reliability, and accuracy in almost every area of the metalworking industry. Pacific manufacturers the highest quality hydraulic plate shears for high duty cycle applications. Capabilities are available to shear material from 3/8” x 6 ft. up to 2” x 40 ft. All models are rated for A 36 HRS.

The G-Series Shear

The G-Series Shear of today more than upholds that reputation. It’s a modern, thoroughly tested and proven machine embodying all of the advanced engineering and fabricating skills that can be designed into a shear. As a result, built in rigidity, hydraulic reliability and accuracy provides the G-Series with the widest range of shearing capacity possible… form thin sheet to maximum plate capacity… from aluminum to steel, to titanium. Its system of controls not only assures easy of operation but provides optimum edge condition of the cut through the separate and independent adjustment of all shearing variables including rake angle adjustment, knife clearance, stroke and hold downs. Additionally, two speed shearing and hydraulic lift back gauge are features that can aid in productivity for numerous hydraulic plate shear operations.

Hydraulic Plate Shear

Heavy steel plate fabrications are used for the ram, bed, and extra deep side housings to provide maximum rigidity and resistance to deflection. Main frame members are designed to assure that each Pacific G-Series Hydraulic Plate Shear more than adequately absorbs and uniformly distributes the tremendous force inherent in plate shearing. Heavy-duty, non-binding guides maintain maximum contact with extra long, hardened steel slideways throughout the stroke. Pullbacks keep the ram guides in full contact with the slideways while the cut in in process. Pullbacks are designed to provide a constant load on the slideways and eliminate guide clearance, which could be added to the present knife clearance during the cut. The G-Series Plate Shear’s hydraulic system automatically transfers force from one cylinder to the other as the cut progresses. The smooth, full power stroke is made at a constant speed and provides a cushioned shearing action that is noiseless and shock free. This is important for longer knife life. Pacific G-Series Hydraulic Plate Shears feature complete control of all the variables of shearing. Knife clearance, rake angle, and stroke can all be quickly and easily adjusted for maximum production efficiency. In addition the two speed shearing feature provides the advantage of shearing at an increased strokes per minute.

Attribute Disclosure

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